Which is the best LVAD expert in India

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As we all know that it becomes very difficult to see our beloved on a hospital bed and we feel helpless when it comes to organ failures. Human body is no less than a biological machine. And this biological machine sometimes fails way too earlier than its actual lifetime, and when this happens it becomes difficult to find its replacement. The most important part of this biological machine is heart. It is the actual engine which pumps the real fluid and allows the body to function properly and when this organ fails, life says goodbye and death welcomes the biological machine. It is when people feel helpless because not everyone donates their organs and not everyone's heart can be fixed into somebody else's body.
So when this calamity strikes somebody's life, they start searching for alternative sources. Doctors prove what people actually call them that is second gods, so the doctors of millennium have invented a beautiful device called LVAD ( Left Ventricular Assist Device) which helps like a support to heart to work properly before it actually gets replaced by a healthy heart. Since this is a new technology, only handful of people areaware of its handling techniques. So, it becomes very important to find out proper LVAD expert in India so as to strongly face the calamity.
There are very few LVAD experts in India and getting their appointment is a difficult task. It is better to first look for top heart surgeons in India, get their opinion and then let them go for the opinion of LVAD and if they recommend it they will definitely get an appointment for it from the LVAD expert. The LVAD expert in India, whom I know is Dr. Kewal Krishan . He is the top most LVAD expert in India and also one of the top heart surgeons in India.
Being a top heart surgeon in India is different from being top LVAD expert in India. Attaching an LVAD in heart is not a easy task, it takes the pains and efforts of years and years of an LVAD expert. There are as many LVAD experts in India as one can count on fingers. Being so small in numbers makes them too busy and handling cases of LVAD transplant is nowhere an easy task. Same is the case with top heart surgeons in India, top heart surgeons of India are not in great numbers but are somewhat similar to LVAD experts in India. If you are facing a heart problem and your heart surgeon is a top heart surgeon in India and he recommends you to go for LVAD then you should definitely contact to an LVAD expert in India.